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The Art and Craft of Writing

November 8, 2011

I hear lots of talk from my fellow writers about the issues they have when trying to get work on paper. There are basically two camps. The first group waits for the muse to speak. No muse, no story. The second group approaches writing as a job, and I fall squarely in the middle of this mentality.

Waiting on the prompting from an unseen muse is no way to consistantly crank out work. To write on a deadline requires a disciplined writing schedule, the ability to sit down and put words on the page. This is where craft comes into the art. Our creativity, ability to produce storylines, and wordsmithing are artistic aspects of writing, but the craft is built on the ability to sit down in front of a blank page and turn out pages of work.

I will be writing more about these issues in coming posts. The important thing is to write something; grocery list, Christmas cards, anything. Just write, and do it every day.

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