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Wading the Self-Publishing Waters

March 13, 2012

With the pending release of my fantasy novel, The One Rider, I have gained a new respect for the world of self-published authors. The work involved in formatting and converting a manuscript is comparable to the effort I put into writing the story. The publishing process, while fascinating, brings with it a learning curve, and each step in the self-publishing ladder requires research and the understanding of a new vocabulary.

The retail outlets that are available are nearly endless, and I’ve learned that there is a massive world outside of the Kindle release that I have scheduled for March 19th. The e-book world available through Smashwords opens up a kaleidoscope of outlets that I will be investigating. It seems that the e-readership is as diverse in their desired formats as they are in genre tastes.

I will post some specific information and links about self-publishing in the coming days, as well as information on ways to obtain a copy of my book.
Feel free to comment below, and add your own thoughts, questions, reservations, etc. The self-publishing industry has nowhere to go but up, and as writers, we should buy our tickets before the train gets full.

  1. You should talk to Mike Mollenhour, a local lawyer turned author. He’s self-published two books and I bet would be willing and full of lots of information!

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