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March 18, 2012

First, let me say that I’m going to start adding photos to my posts. That is, after I figure out how to use this camera that obviously was left here by a time-traveler from the 32nd century and utilizes some sort of sub-space field technology that will take me a couple of days to learn. Luckily, I’m a fast study, and it seems to run on an update of iOS. How hard can it be?

Have you ever noticed that author biographies seem to be written in a very strange form. Their main audience is intended to be agents and publishers, so biographies are written to draw attention to literary accomplishments in the hopes of being picked up for further publication. They lack that personal feeling. Granted, there are bios out there that are funny and interesting, but they are few and far between. I’m a retired Fire Chief, so I should start my bio with, “Daryl Yearwood is a writer in multiple genres and has the bad habit of running into burning buildings.” That should catch some attention.

I like to know personal details about the writers I follow, so I’ve decided to give away a little of me each weekend. I’m hoping that most people have things to do on the weekend, and this won’t be too much of an intrusion.

I was one of those kids who was reading before I started school, and I’ve never stopped. I tremble when I hear people say that they don’t read. Reading is one of my fondest memories from childhood, and I read heavy-duty books at an early age. I consumed Tolkien around the age of nine or ten after cutting my teeth on Asimov and Clarke. Heinlein became my favorite author, and I read everything he produced, because let’s face it, he was writing books for little boys. Have Spacesuit Will Travel was one of the few books that I read multiple times. Heinlein character, Lazarus Long, molded much of my outlook on life, and I still remember how my thoughts about the world were pushed in a different direction from the other kids. I must have read Farmer in the Sky over a dozen times. That’s high adventure!

I guess that’s why I’m drawn to speculative fiction. It makes the reader question with a sense of wonder. Science fiction feeds the explorer in all of us. It awakens or renews a sense of “what if.” It’s a shame that we seem to have lost that need to see what’s over the next mountain. As the genre begins to return to science-driven stories, maybe we can regain that need to expand beyond our own blue and green world. I’m beginning to dabble in that style of writing, and it is prompting me to revisit the authors of my youth.

Fantasy also expands our thinking, but within an overall understanding that there is no drive to explore a real universe. Fantasy is an escape and an opportunity to exist in an alternative reality.

As writers, we should revisit the stories that excited us when began reading genre. Pick up a new, or old, vision of what we should be writing, and do it. Also, I think I’ll run with that opening line for my biography.

Feel free to comment. We would love to hear your thoughts on how writing shaped you as an individual.

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  1. msloftis permalink

    I was also a book reader. I read constantly…a few times my mom threatened me with bodily harm if I brought another book to the dinner table. LOL! Sci Fi and Fantasy were my favorites…

    • I still am able to get lost in a good scifi story, and I love moments when I have to stop and actually think about what I’ve read before I can continue.

  2. There are also some great resources of creative commons and public domain photos out there. I’ll shoot you an e-mail with links. I have used several for my blog.

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