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A Place to Write

March 20, 2012

The Writing Lair is an important tool for writing success. While it’s necessary to be able to write anytime and anywhere, there is no denying that some environments are better than others.

I do my best work outdoors, so I take every opportunity to grab the Netbook and find a seat outside. I spend lots of time writing at the local Starbucks, and I always try to snag an outside table, weather permitting. Others I know of need quite and solitude. The trick is to find a place that works for you.
I want to make enough money from my writing so that I can put my office in the sailboat. Remember, dream big. I have a nice little weekender that lives on its trailer at the house, and when I can afford to keep it at the marina, you can rest assured that I will be making regular office visits. The picture above is too much of a fixer-upper for me, but it sure would make a great Writing Lair.
Where do you write? Leave a comment and Share your thoughts and ideas.

  1. I like to write while sitting on my front porch in a rocking chair. I actually write on paper before I put it in the computer. When I edit I use the computer.

    • I like the idea of writing on paper. I do lots of quick scenes and snippets of dialogue in a journal, but I do the bulk of my writing on the Netbook. I’ve thought about writing on paper, because putting it into the system becomes the first edit.

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